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Garmin G5 Primary Electronic Attitude Display - STC'd For Certified Aircraft With LPM

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Part# 11-18411
MFR Model# K10-00280-01


Complete kit for certified aircraft which includes G5 instrument, backup battery, installation kit, and STC redemption code. G5 requires certified WAAS GPS source, which can be fed via a GTN 750 / 650 series units. If no certified GPS source is installed in aircraft, you are required to install a GA 35 antenna for the WAAS GPS source. See Accessories for part numbers and pricing.

Garmin is pleased to announce the FAA approval of the G5 electronic flight instrument in type certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft. Installation approval is accomplished via supplemental type certificate (STC) with a comprehensive approved model list (AML) containing 562 aircraft models. The compact and cost-effective G5 delivers exceptional performance and reliability as a standalone primary source for aircraft attitude or turn coordination information while also displaying secondary information such as airspeed, altitude and more. Availability of this STC is representative of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) initiative to encourage and permit specific enhancements to aircraft in an effort to improve pilot situational awareness among the existing general aviation fleet.

Bringing Innovative, Cost-effective Technology to Thousands of GA Aircraft

    The G5 for certificated aircraft is approved for installation as a replacement for the aircraft’s primary attitude indicator or turn coordinator via a Garmin-held STC for hundreds of certificated fixed-wing aircraft models. Valid for flight under VFR and IFR conditions, the G5 electronic flight instrument is an economical upgrade for thousands of aircraft owners who are seeking an electronic attitude indicator with greater dependability and internal redundancy over mechanical gyro-driven flight instruments.
Greater Reliability and Increased Situational Awareness
    Boasting a bright, 3.5-inch sunlight-readable liquid crystal display (LCD), the G5 is approved as a primary source for aircraft attitude or turn coordination information and secondary source for altitude, airspeed and vertical speed in a single instrument. Installation is simple and easy as the G5 integrates with the aircraft’s existing pitot/static system to display attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, configurable V-speed references, barometric setting and selected altitude as well as visual alerts upon arriving at the pre-selected altitude. GPS-based track and groundspeed information is also displayed. A dedicated rotary knob also allows for easy adjustments to barometric pressure setting as well as altitude and ground track bugs.
Seamless Installation
    Suitable for installation in place of a standard 3-1/8-inch (79.4 mm.) flight instrument, G5 measures 3-inches in depth and includes a back-up battery so it easily integrates into a wide range of aircraft. Installation is further simplified as the G5 needs only power, ground, pitot/static inputs and a GPS input from an approved navigator. The STC also includes interface approval to many common GPS antennas if an approved GPS output is not available in the aircraft. As part of the STC, the G5 for certificated aircraft includes a back-up battery with up to a four-hour power reserve. Pilots can easily reference battery status in the upper left-hand corner of the display. An STC permission letter will be granted for each aircraft in which the G5 for certificated aircraft is installed. To retrieve this STC letter, dealers will need to redeem the single-use registration code included in the standard kit by following the steps outlined on an information card. More information will be provided prior to orders starting to ship.
The G5 electronic flight instrument for certificated fixed-wing aircraft includes the G5, install kit, back-up battery, LPM module and STC permission letter redemption code.


  • Electrical: 14 or 28 VDC aircraft power
  • Unit size: 3.4"W x 3.6"H x 3.0"D (86.4 x 91.4 x 76.2 mm)
  • Weight: 13.3 oz (377.0 g), unit
  • Display size: 3.5" diagonal (88.9 mm diagonal)
  • Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA), LED backlit color LCD
  • Receiver: High-sensitivity GPS
  • Maximum indicated airspeed: 300 kts
  • Altitude range: -1,400 – +30,000 feet
  • Vertical speed range: ± 20,000 feet/minute
  • Pitch/roll range: ±360°
  • Backup battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: Up to 4 hours


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Excelent option for cheap, easy, and quick glass upgrade.

Tango L Verified Purchase


February 2, 2023

We have 14 C172 Aircraft and all but one (to go) have the G5s installed in them. We, and the students, love them. We love the fact that the vac system is gone, no more vac pumps and filters to worry about.

Bill L Verified Purchase


January 4, 2023

Cannot leave review of this product as I have not installed it yet.

Bill S Verified Purchase


September 29, 2021

It sounds simple enough ... but the G5 replaced an AI that was constantly giving me erroneous information and suffered big lags. Not the G5. The display is bright and highly responsive. I’ve tried to throw it off with big rapid pitch and roll moves and the G5 keeps up perfectly. I trust this device with my life and that’s no joke.

March 2, 2021

Please note the G5 description says you must install a GA35 antenna. The GA35 is no longer an authorized antenna. You must use one of the glareshield antennas. The G5 accepts a BNC terminal. Garmin manufactures a TNC and BNC version of the glareshield antenna. The TNC version would require a TNC to BNC 50 ohm adapter.

Christopher G
January 3, 2021

Welcome to glass in your cockpit! Looks great and combines three instruments in one and allows you to remove vacuum system when installed with s second G5. Auto dimming feature is also very comvienent.

Joseph W
November 13, 2020

Every thing perfect. Good price, fast shipment, excellent service. Garmin G5 is perfect for single engine GA aircraft.

Marc H
October 28, 2019

The ancient vacuum system is gone. Installed two G5s and wired them to a Garmin Aera 660. One of the best upgrades Ive ever done for the plane. We were able to remove the vacuum system and associated instruments. The G5s get navigation information from the Aera 660 to provide a true HSI feel. Vertical navigation information also shows up on the HSI for VFR descents. Heading and altitude bugs work well as reminders. The unit does not interface with an autopilot. Getting used to the tapes instead of needles took a little getting used to. Airspeeds can also be programmed into the unit (Vx, Vy, etc...). Very happy with the combination.

Edward S
December 28, 2018

If you remember the Garmin 100 AVD the G5 is in the same category. Useful, light weight, and revolutionary in that it replaces so many heavy failure prone instruments. Renovating a 64 172 - removed estimated 45-50 pounds of vacuum powered instruments and plumbing to be replaced by a single, lightweight, powerful instrument. Downside? Now I have to weigh the airplane.

Matt K
June 2, 2018

Got both G5s with the GAD 29 and magnetometer. For 5 grand I got rid of ancient instruments powered by squirrels running around in a case that is called a vacuum pump attached to the engine. Lost 18 pounds of instruments and hoses and entered the 21st century. Good riddens to the old crap hello new. Lost weight gained reliability and safety. No brainer if you take flying IFR seriously in light GA aircraft.

Steven H
May 14, 2018


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Regarding the Garmin G5 Flight Instrument: Is the optional GPS antenna a required component to use GPS-derived groundspeed and track information? Or is it only needed in case the built-in GPS doesn't get adequate reception?

The external GPS antenna is required if you do not have a panel mounted WAAS GPS source to connect to.

Q: Does this have outputs to drive an autopilot? If yes, does it command roll steering?

No. The Garmin G5 will not interface with certified autopilot systems. Only the experimental version can be integrated with the Garmin G3X autopilot.

Q: Would a GPS antenna be required when installed with a Garmin 796/795 GPS ? If so, which antenna?

The Garmin 796/795 is not considered a certified WAAS GPS source. In this case, you would need the GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna for the certified source. See part # 11-09701.

Q: What additional hardware is required to connect to a GNS430W for a GPS position source?

In order to connect the two, you will need to connect the RS-232 data cable to the G5.

Q: Will the Garmin G5 interface with most autopilots?

The G5 DG/HSI certified version will interface with third party autopilots. Please refer to p/n: 11-15031 for more information on supported autopilots.

Q: I have a KLN 90B GPS installed in my Cessna 182. What additional equipment will need to be purchased to install this unit?

The KLN 90B is not an approved GPS source for the Garmin G5. You would need to install the GA 35 WAAS antenna. You will also need the hoses, fittings, and wiring to connect the unit to your pitot static tube and aircraft electrical.

Q: I have seen the G5 configured as a HSI instrument. Is this application FAA Approved yet?

No. HSI information cannot be displayed on the STC'd version of the G5.

Q: Is the approved model list (AML) for the Garmin G5 available anywhere?

Yes, we have added the Garmin G5 AML to the 'Documents' tab of the web page.

Q: Please provide a copy or link to the AML.

Yes, we have added the Garmin G5 AML to the 'Documents' tab of the web page.

Q: Can the G5 be used as a backup instrument to a non-Garmin glass flightdeck? If not, are their plans for backup version in the near future?

No, the G5 cannot be used as a backup.

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